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Apr. 29th, 2009 | 10:01 pm
location: Hell

I've spent the last two point five weeks around Northern Virginia and it sucks. Work is great and spending this much time with Arron has been awesome, but No. VA suuuuucks. There are way too many people! I'm from Massachusetts so I should be use to this however most of the Northeast knows how to handle its population. The Pilgrams came over and then a bunch of other Europeans. They creates villages then towns and then cities . Everything works and generally flows. This god forsaken place was found by a few Brits and then a few more came over and then they kidnapped shiploads of Africans and worked the shit out of the land. Then 350 years later they decided to build a Walmart on top of a Panera on top of a housing complex on top of 100 more housing complexes. Oh & throw in a military base and I-95. & that is No. VA. & they may think becaue they have their poorly built condos and their euro bumber stickers that they're part of the civilized world, but no! They're still fucking Jesus-humping Southerners. I know it's not they deep South, but they're not fooling me. I saw my 1st megachurch last week. I saw a vanity plate today that said "BY JESUS". I have not seen one piercing. No one has any individual style. Sure there are the 13 year-olds who are trying to be "skater", but we have been doing that for years. I can't wait to leave Friday. Arron  & I are getting the fuck out of here.

& speaking of... Friday, I will be leaving HELL and making a quick stop in Pennsylvania to drop off a company vehicle and possibly meet Arron's ex-gf for the 1st time. *crosses fingers* I'll spend the weekend with Arron in New York. It's his birthday on Sunday. Then I'll spend a few days around my apartment hanging out with Georgia and getting last minutes things in order. Wednesday or Thursday I'll stop by Amherst to see my ex-bf (Aaron) on my way to parents' house where I will spend my time until Sunday (May 10th). On that day, Arron & I will drive 9 hours until we reach the kind of beautiful woods of Calais, ME. I'll be there for about 2 months I hope.

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